Aedilis, UAB

AEDILIS, UAB is an Energy Infrastructure company. We were established in 2004 directly for this purpose. We currently employ 62 people of which 47 are highly-skilled engineers.

From the very beginning AEDILIS attracted professionals who have expert experience and skills in projecting/designing, mounting, installing, configuring/commissioning and testing in the following areas:

  • Relay protection and control;
  • Substation automation (remote terminal units, intelligent electronic devices, automated accounting systems);
  • Telecommunications equipment configuration;
  • SCADA systems;  
  • Factory automation solutions (Automation systems, industrial robots, process and energy efficiency);

We supply hardware components and provide training where required.


We have already completed more than 600 projects in UK, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden and Russia and Nigeria.

We believe that gain our  customers' confidence is only possible when we show:

  • Respect to quality,
  • Constant innovations:
    • We constantly train our employees so they stay in line with industry standards,
    • We already use IEC 61850 protocol;
  • Great efficiency:
    • We use a lot of different technologies from across many industries and we work on our unique build-commission-test techniques,
    • We constantly develop faster ways to accomplish projects while keeping the highest quality standards,
    • We pursue time and cost saving;
  • Flexibility:
    • We can do all, some or one part of substation commissioning (projection/mounting/configuration/commissioning/testing etc.),
    • We are ready to work in EU as well as in developing countries,
    • We are growing fast and we have a data-base of highly skilled freelancers if additional brain-power is needed for special projects.

Our company is qualified to work with equipment under low-medium-high-extreme high electrical currents (0,4-400kV).

We prepare well and play hard and we are strongly goal orientated.

And we are more than happy to meet you.


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