WLAN, wireless, GPRS... You name it. Telecommunications group in AEDILIS can connect your distant equipment via almost any known modern IT network. TG provides incredibly wide spectrum of services with know-how of many industry suppliers. We create solutions, design and install radio, optical, Ethernet and other networks using different multiplexers (SDH, PDH).


Telecommunications Group from AEDILIS was the first in Lithuanian industry to design Wi-Max base stations. We gained a lot of experience while installing wireless networks for water suppliers and waste disposal companies. Apart from that, together with other company divisions, we designed and accomplished projects in energy field and railway networks. AEDILIS completed works in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Russia. Geography of our work is constantly expanding.


  • Design (Technical and detailed desig fot enterprise radio, microwave radio relay, GPRS/EDGE/3G/UMTS/HSPA technology-based wireless systems for industrial and energy sectors),
  •  Manufacturing of Telecommunication cubicles and panels,
  • Installation of all Telecommunication technologies,
  • Commissioning, Configuration and Testing,
  • We develop and implement innovative solutions based on M2M technology, providing data services to customers,
  • Documentation,
  • Guarantee and post-guarantee service (remotely or on-site),
  • Consultations;


We are certified/authorized by:

  • ELUTIONS: "Wizcon Supervisor & ControlMaestro software suites";
  • WONDERWARE: "Industrial SQL"; "InTouch";
  • KORENIX: "JetBox Industrial Embedded Communication / Router Computer"; "JetNet Industrial Ethernet Switch"; "JetPoE Industrial PoE Switch"; "JetView Industrial Network Management System"; JetRock; JetCon; JetPort; JetWave;
  • As well as VIOLA SYSTEMS, FORTINET authorizations.


Our staff has extensive experience in managing and using the products of the best known companies in the world: Siemens, Nokia, Juniper, Cisco, SATELLINE, Elpro, Korenix, Viola Systems, RAD, Fortigate, HP and Diamond.


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