Substaion automation group shares 6 years of experience in projecting, building, commissioning, and testing Remote Terminal Units (or RTUs), instant-measurements devices (IMDs) and Automated Electric Energy Accounting Systems (AEEAS).

We guarantee our job quality by constantly collecting information about customers‘ needs, checking for mistakes in given projects and searching for efficient solutions. It is done with purpose  to forecast possible problems and their complexity professionally. This data helps to evaluate time needed to solve a situation. We build our own database of applied solutions.

SAG group pursues goals of individual project while thinking about optimisation of costs and project accomplishment schedule.

SAG group has 4 specialists now. We can invite more highly-skilled engineers from our data-base to join a common effort on a particular project at any time given.


We designed and accomplished projects in water supply companies, energy field and railway networks. SAG completed works in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Russia. Geography of our work is constantly expanding.



Design (technical and detail designs)

 Manufacturing of cubicles


Remote terminal units (RTU);

 Remote terminal units (RTU);

 RTU's (ABB, Siemens, GE, Sprecher automation)

Energy metering systems (EMS);

 Energy metering systems;

 Energy metering systems;

 Instant-measurement systems;

 Instant-measurement systems;

 Instant-measurement systemsl

  • Supply of hardware:

    SIEMENS RTUs (SICAM AK1703ACP, TM1703ACP, TM1703emic, TM1703mic, eRTU);

    ELGAMA instant measurements collection devices MDC 1.51, MDC 1.55, MDCmini;

    ELGAMA EMS devices MDC 1.01, MCL5, MCL4.

  • Consultation on various questions, including SIEMENS SICAM 1703 training course.


We are certified by and/or authorized by:

  • SIEMENS: "eRTU"; IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 60870-5-104 protocols; "ACP 1703 advanced workshop"; "Sicam PAS" - Basics; Parameterization; Automation with CFC, ST, SFC; Configuring operator station; "SICAM1703 advanced workshop"; 

  • ABB: "RTU560 basics"; "RTU560 IEC61850"; "RTU560 advanced course - IEC 60870-5";"RTU560 PLC/SPS"; "MicroSCADA SYS600 operation course Pro9.1,Pro9.2"; "MicroSCADA DDE&ODBC SQL Interfaces; OPC DA client"; "SYS600 Process display engineering";


  • GENERAL ELECTRICS: "Energy D20/D200/D25 RTUs and ConfigPro software";

  • ELGAMA SYSTEMS: "MDC1.01" devices;

  • OMICRON: "IED.T280.2 IEC 61850 Basics, Application, Testing; Advanced Topics and extended application";

  • Ministry of Environment of Lithuania - Management and supervision of project part in peculiar buildings: electricity networks up to 400kV, communication networks; projection of electricity networks up to 110kV;

  • LINPRA (Association of engineering industry of Lithuania) "Modern approach to projection of new products and technological systems, and engineering analysis".


We can already install applications with IEC61850 protocol.


Extension of our know-how and gain of new work experience is a never ending process.

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