SCADA (or supervisory control and data acquisition) specialists bring our customers' drawings to life. It is their job to create computer systems and HMIs (human- machine interfaces) for clients from a variety of different fields.

We provide solutions of a number of different complexities for SCADA system in your business. It generally refers to an industrial control system: a custom built computer cabinet with specific peripherals and a software solution designed to control the monitored processes. Transmission of electricity between different levels of power grid, gas and oil transportation through pipelines, water distribution, traffic lights etc. can be taken as fine representative samples of the uses of the SCADA systems in modern society.

Our developers significantly improve efficiency of your industrial control system with up to date market solutions plus keep it simple to understand and operate for the end user.


We design and complete projects in water supply companies, energy fields and railway networks. AEDILIS have cocluded works globally from the Baltic's, to Russia and as far afield as Nigeria. The geography of our work is constantly expanding.


  • Bespoke solutions for each client,
  • Technical and detail designs fo SCADA\Process automation systems.,
  • Manufacturing of SCADA\Process automation cubicles and panels,
  • System configuration\programming works for SCADA, HMI (human machine interface), PLC (programmable logic controller) programing, WEBSCADA;
  • Development of documentation including user and system administrator manuals;
  • Installation, Commissioning and Testing;
  • Guarantee and post-guarantee service (remotely or on-site)
  • Training courses (for SCADA systems);
  • Consultations on SCADA, HMI, Process automation questions;


We are certified and completed projects with the following systems:

  • ABB: "MicroSCADA" (Pro)R9.2 Engineering and Operation;
  • SIEMENS: "Sicam PAS" - Basics; Parameterization; Automation with CFC, ST, SFC; Configuring operator station; "Sicam 230" V6.x configuration;
  • SIEMENS: "Spectrum Power CC"; Data Entry; System Administrator; IMM Data Engineering and System administration;
  • WONDERWARE: "Intouch"; "System Platform";
  • ELUTIONS: "Wizcon Supervisor";
  • SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC: "Vijeo Designer";
  • AutoDesk: "AutoCAD";


We have also completed projects with:

  • SIEMENS: "WinCC";


We are working on a new project with SIEMENS "Sicam 230" SCADA system. Extension of our know-how and our constant gaining of new work experiences is a constant process.

There is no SCADA system that we cannot handle!

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