We gathered great knowledge in creating fast and efficient relay protection while keeping it selective, sensitive and reliable. As in everything company does, we implement RPA (Relay protection and automation) knowledge of different technologies from major industry suppliers.


Members of this group have from 8 to 25 of experience in substation commissioning. We have a lot of practice in distribution and transmission (electricity) projects. Our engineers can commission equipment at 0,4kV to 400kV. We have experience with power generation plants.


  • Proposals with specific solutions for your business,
  • Technical and/or detailed design,
  • RPA settings calculation;
  • Calculation of network short circuit values;
  • Initialization of RPA equipment in substations and power plants;
  • Commissioning and testing works on site and factory;
  • Manufacturing of cubicles/panels;
  • Preparation of documentation;
  • Guarantee and post-guarantee service (remotely or on-site);
  • Consultations.


We are certified and completed projects with the following technologies:

  • OMICRON: "IED.T280.1 IEC 61850 basics, application and testing"; "Advanced topics and extended application"; "CT analyzer";
  • AREVA: "Configuration and commissioning of MiCOM protection relays P11X, P13X, P43X, and P74X";
  • SIEMENS: "DIGSI 4, Configuration of substations and devices using IEC 61850"; "SIPROTEC 4 - Protection course for expert engineers"; "Protection signaling system SWT3000";
  • SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC: "PowerLogic System"; "SEPAM platform";
  • ABB: "RE_5, RE_6 series configuration and commissioning using CAP505, CAP540, PCM600 software";
  • Ministry of Environment of Lithuania - Management and supervision of project part in peculiar buildings: electricity networks up to 400kV, communication networks; projection of electricity networks up to 110kV;
  • LINPRA: (Association of engineering industry of Lithuania) "Modern approach to projection of new products and technological systems, and engineering analysis".


Also our engineers worked in projects using REYROLLE differential and overcurrent protection devices; AEBERLE, TRENCH, TAPCON compensating coils controllers, voltage regulators; VAMP relay protection device platform.

We use OMICRON testing equipment CMC356, CPC100, CT Analyzer, IED Scout for faster and automatically generated reports.

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