2011 Jul 18

Construction of 330 kV transmission substation Bitenai. End user Litgrid, AB

Construction of Bitėnai switchyard at the border with Kaliningrad was a strategic site for Lithuania. The switchyard is necessary for consumers in Western Lithuania to receive electricity through the grid located in Lithuania. So far power lines at Bitena
2011 Mar 16

Reconstruction of 110/35/10 kV transformer substation N.Akmene. End user Lesto, UAB

Reconstruction of 35/10 kV part in 110/35/10 kV substation N.Akmene. All old equipment was changed by new one, 7 new substations were integrated in SCADA system.
2011 Feb 22

Construction of 10/0, 4 kV distribution substation Klaipeda (SP-62). End user arena of Klaipeda city

Purpose of this construction was to connect new user to the grid.
2011 Feb 15

Wind farm Lauksargiai

Purpose of this 110/20 kV substation was to connect wind farm to the grid.
2011 Jan 26

Reconstruction of TR46-5 transformer substation. End user Lithuanian railways.

TR46-5 is transformer substation of Lithuanian railways located in Siauliai. Project task was to reconstruct this substation changing all 10kV cubicles, installing new RTU system and transmit all data to existing SCADA system;
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