2012 Mar 13

Factory acceptance tests of protection cubicles, Czech Republic

Aedilis, UAB engineer did FAT of relay protection cubicles. Cubices were with ABB RET 670, REC 670, REF 615, Siemens 7UT613.
2012 Jan 10

New 400 kV national grid facility, Sweden

New 400 kV national grid facility FT93 Barkeryd placed on the Swedish Kraftnät (SvK) located in Nassjo municipality about 10 km north of Nässjö society.
2011 Dec 20

Reconstruction of 110/35/10 kV transformer substation Rokiskis. End user Lesto, AB

In this project were build new modular building for substation’s control systems, two 15 MVA transformers were fixed. In the new building 10 and 35 kV switching equipment were mounted, lighting protection tower demounted.
2011 Dec 14

Factory Acceptance Tests of ABB RTU panels, Czech Republic

Aedilis, UAB Engineer participated in Factory Acceptance Test of ABB RTU560 panels in Czech Republic. These panels where designed and manufactured for substations in Kenya.
2011 Oct 10

Reconstruction of 110 kV transformer substation Griskonys. End user Litgrid, AB

Replacement works of 110 kV circuit breaker with switch completed in 110 kV transformer substation Griskonys. New equipment for relay protection and automation, RTU, telecommunications systems were provided.

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