Reconstruction of 110 kV transformer substation Griskonys. End user Litgrid, AB

Replacement works of 110 kV circuit breaker with switch completed in 110 kV transformer substation Griskonys. New equipment for relay protection and automation, RTU, telecommunications systems were provided. Main contractor in this project was Elektromontuotojas, UAB they choose Aedilis, UAB to complete all commissioning tasks for this substation.

Aedilis, UAB team supplied a cubicle of RTU with Siemens AK 1703 ACP controller in this project. Did a commissioning of RTU and detailed design;

Our team installed and configured a radio relay system in this site;

Relay protection and automation:
Aedilis, UAB in this project did all commissioning works of relay protection and automation. The Siemens 7SJ6471 relays were configured;

Aedilis, UAB team did a design for all engineering parts for this substation;