Reconstruction of 110/35/10 kV transformer substation Rokiskis. End user Lesto, AB

In this project were build new modular building for substation's control systems, two 15 MVA transformers were fixed. In the new building 10 and 35 kV switching equipment were mounted, lighting protection tower demounted. Main contractor Siemens Osakeythio Lithuania, choose Aedilis, UAB to complete supply and commissioning of equipment in this project.

Aedilis, UAB team supplied and assembled all cubicle of RTU with controllers in this project. Did a commissioning of RTU and instant measurement controller MDC 1.55.

Relay protection and automation:
Aedilis, UAB team did commissioning of all relays;

Aedilis, UAB supplied all telecommunication equipment and did all design and commissioning;